EFL Associates/TranSearch is a generalist firm focusing on senior-level executive positions, including presidents and CEOs, CFOs and members of boards of directors. In 1998, we established a specialty practice in Advanced Technology to build on the firm’s experience in this arena and to better serve this high-growth market.

To better meet the needs of our clients who increasingly are operating in a borderless economy, we joined the TranSearch International search network in 1997. Through EFL Associates, U.S.-based corporations can staff their offices overseas.

EFL Associates serves clients from coast-to-coast from our centrally located offices in Overland Park, KS; a suburb of Kansas City, MO., and in Englewood, CO.; a suburb of Denver.

Our clients have ranged from medium-sized, family-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies. We have been successful in assessing the corporate culture of each individual client and finding candidates who will thrive in that environment for many years.

Peter K. Lemke, a former executive at Hallmark Cards, Inc. and United Airlines, is the founder and president/CEO of EFL Associates. Lemke has been in the executive search business since 1978.